"Planting The Seeds For Success & Nurturing Long-Term Growth"

Satellite Beach, FL


About Kim Miller, CPA

Kimberly Alyea Miller, CPA

So what's so different about me? Many accountants have taken the years of extra effort to become CPA's and many MBA's (or former large company employees) suddenly begin marketing themselves as "'Business Advisors".

I've gone beyond those basics with over 15 years of "Real World" and "Hands on" business experience. I've acted as the "Interim CFO" of many organizations... and co-founded a multi-million dollar division specialized in placing CFO's in fast-paced companies to meet specific goals at various phases of the business growth cycle and was an award-winning Executive Recruiter in a top firm.

From these intense and varied viewpoints, I've witnessed the patterns of success and failure, and I am well aware of what it takes to get businesses on the right path. And I know how to simply have some fun along the way too.

How my process works: I will listen to your challenges, give you sometimes brutally honest feedback and together we'll create a game plan for better results in the future. We'll measure off our milestones and celebrate each success. I'll encourage you to surround yourself with the top talent or mentors you'll need to support key goals during critical growth stages. Avoid ever getting "Stuck" again! Need a nudge? I'll nudge! Feeling discouraged? I'll tell you my Success Stories (again) and encourage you (again)!

As an added bonus, we can provide you access to a unique success framework and set of tools. Once applied, you'll immediately begin to feel more focused and effective in 7 key areas of your life! (Sorry!! I just won't allow you to be a totally out-of-balance work-a-holic!)

So, are you are ready to plant some seeds for success, to make a few changes and quickly experience different results? Let me know and I'll help you get to the next level...

Are you ready to reach for 100% plus improvements like the Case Study client!? What do you want your results to look like... what's your full potential?

I promise to be cheering you on each step of the way as you meet your milestones too! Whoo~Rah!